Fine, shiny threads are spun around the plys so the yarn glimmers like frost haze.


Fibers of similar or complementary colors, but not exactly the same color, are spun together into one yarn. The finished yarn has a soft, rich look and wonderful coloration.


Ombres are a single yarn dyed with several different colors. The length of each color on the yarn is about the same. There is a slight variance of the length of each color on the yarn so the repetition of the colors forms a varying pattern on the finished item. They are also called space-dyed yarns.


Printed yarns have small areas of color printed along the yarn. Usually the printed colors are added in short amounts so that when the yarn is worked up they appear as flecks of color on the background color rather than as a change in the color of the yarn itself.


Tiny rayon nubs of yarn are randomly spun into the plys in a different color from the main yarn. The finished project looks as if it were painted with a random sprinkling of dots.


Plys of different colors are twisted together into one yarn. The combination of the different colors creates a new color.