Almost all yarn will unravel somewhat when cut at the end for fringe. Some people think this adds to the beauty of the fringe; however, if you would like to limit the amount of unraveling, you can use one of the following methods:

  • apply fabric glue, a product found in fabric stores, to the ends of each fringe
  • knot the end of each fringe
  • knit or crochet a loop-like fringe (e.g. single loop fringe)

Please note that loosely spun yarns such as Homespun will fray and shed when cut, so we recommend you use the above methods for Homespun fringe. This is nature of these loosely spun yarns: the loose spinning gives them their silky-soft, lofty feel; however, it also means that the loosely spun fiber is more likely to pull apart. If you would like to add fringe to a project made in a yarn like this, but would prefer not to use one of the methods above, we highly recommend that you use a matching color in a plied yarn for the fringe.