You’ll notice that Lion Brand Yarn labels now feature universal care symbols. Rather than using long, complicated washing and cleaning instructions for your yarn we’ve opted for a more streamlined approach. This page shows some of the symbols you will find on our labels and how to understand them. Some of the most common are:

 Machine Wash, Normal Do Not Wash
 Tumble Dry, Permanent Press
 Machine Wash, Normal
 Tumble Dry, Gentle
 Machine Wash, Normal
 Dryclean, Any Solvent
 Do Not Tumble Dry
 Machine Wash, Warm
 Dryclean, Petroleum Solvent Only
 Do Not Dry
 Machine Wash, Warm
 Dryclean, Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene
 Line Dry
 Machine Wash, Hot
 Dryclean, Short Cycle
 Dip Dry
 Machine Wash, Hot
 Dryclean, Reduced Moisture
 Dry Flat
 Machine Wash, Hot
 Dryclean, Low Heat
 Dry in Shade
 Machine Wash, Hot
 Dryclean, No Steam
 Do Not Wring
 Machine Wash, Hot
 Do Not Dryclean
 Iron, Any Temperature, Steam or Dry
 Machine Wash, Hot
 Bleach When Needed
 Iron, Low
 Machine Wash, Hot
 Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed
 Iron, Medium
 Machine Wash, Permanent Press
 Do Not Bleach
 Iron, High
 Machine Wash, Gentle or Delicate
 Tumble Dry, Normal
 Do Not Steam
 Hand Wash
 Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat
 Do Not Iron
 Hand Wash, Cold
 Tumble Dry, Normal, Medium Heat

 Hand Wash, Warm
 Tumble Dry, Normal, High Heat

 Hand Wash, Hot
 Tumble Dry, Normal, No Heat