Please see the following list of checkout errors:

The zip code you supplied failed validation.

  • If you receive this message, please confirm with the cardholder's bank that the address they have on file matches the cardholder's current address. If the cardholder has recently moved, it may take their bank a while to have the correct zip code on file for them. Using the zip/postal code that the bank has on file for this card should stop this particular error from happening.

Your card does not support this type of purchase.

  • Some debit cards require a PIN to be entered. If this is the case, we are unable to accept the card and another card should be used to complete the purchase.

    Some cards have restrictions on cross-border usage. If the card was issued outside of the USA, this could be the problem. If this is the case, you may wish to contact your bank and ask if the restriction can be removed.

    Some cards, such as corporate cards or FSA cards, can only be used for certain business categories such as travel or healthcare.

Amount must be at least $0.50 USD.

  • In order for our credit card processor to accept a credit card, the amount charged to the credit card must be at least 50 cents. This commonly occurs when a customer uses a gift card for the majority of their purchase and has a small remainder to pay.