What Additional Fees Can I Expect When Ordering Internationally?

The cost of international shipping does not include any additional taxes or fees (from customs or the shipping carrier).  These additional costs vary and are determined by the import laws within each country. The fees are often based on the size of your order. The best way to determine what these costs are is to research your country's import laws and/or ask the shipping carrier. Unfortunately, Lion Brand cannot calculate, control, determine, or estimate VAT costs/fees for you. We can only control the cost of what you pay for our products.

If you refuse shipment: we have to abandon it at customs because return shipping costs are approximately 2.5-3x what you paid for shipping in the first place. We lose the entire order to customs as we cannot afford the cost to have it returned to us. Consequently, as a result of any refusal to pay customs fees, you forfeit the entire order and are ineligible to receive a refund on your order/shipping fees.